April 10, 2013

Acquisitions Of The Latvian National Museum Of Art

From 16th of January till February 17th exibition “The Museum Chooses. Acquisitions of the Latvian National Museum of Art in 2012”, which displays 17 items bought by Latvian National Museum of Art for its collection is taking place at Museum of Decorative Arts and Design.

Following items acquired have been chosen from respective author’s personal exhibitions at Art gallery “Putti”.

Valdis Brože (1974)

Jewelry set, 2012

Necklace. Silver, rock crystal, leather, author’s technique

Ring I. Amethyst, citrine, enamel, cast, author’s technique

Ring II. Imperial Topaz, enamel, author’s technique

Māris Šustiņš. (1970)

Jewelry set. 2012

Necklace “Planētu parāde” (“Parade of planets”).

Titanium, silver, precious stones, forming, welding, straightening,

soldering, casting (mixed techniques), heat treatment

Ring „Mazā planēta” (“Little planet”).

Titanium, author’s technique

Ring „2012”.

Titanium, precious stone (Ceylon sapphire), author’s technique

Anna Fanigina. (1973)

      Brooch OMNIA MUTANTUR, NIHIL INTERIT.I.(Everything changes, nothing gets lost).2009

Silver, gold, amethysts, topaz, rock crystal, zircon, old glasses,

photo (India, Ganges), author’s technique

Brooch OMNIA MUTANTUR, NIHIL INTERIT.II. (Everything changes, nothing gets lost). 2009

Silver, gold, garnets, clouded quartz, sapphire, zircon, aquamarine, glass, photography (France, 1926), author’s technique

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