May 22, 2013

Anna Fornari

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Anna Fornari

Being used to walking around  long lived cities, like Rome, Perouse, Florence,  I discover, beside the familiar, visible and evident town, variously shaped grids, that are well set into the tediousness of the many streets. I constantly pay great attention to the city grids, the gully gratings, whose shapes  seem to be fascinating and seductive but scaring at the same time. They constitute the content of my photos, of my meditations and of my jewels, thus further defining my work on “cavities”.



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A gully grating,  that  through the centuries was mainly made of  stone and cast-iron ( we have evidence of them since the ancient times),  represents a filter,  something that has its own specific task: collecting the rain water.

It not only can be considered a dividing element between our historical present time and a past time where our roots lie, between the surface and the underneath, between the inside and  the outside, but, symbolically speaking, it also represents a relation element, in conclusion, a filter. If you remove this filter, it will take you to the hidden city, to the underground, to the cavity, to the place where our soul lies and where everyone finds oneself.

Voices from the past  resound  through those confessional grids I once again have sought, photographed, represented and intentionally  put into relation with the grids of the   cities. They both keep not only mysterious secrets, a cathartic process, mazy paths, but also vital energies,  protection and free thoughts.

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