May 22, 2013

Emma Francesconi

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Emma Francesconi

Screws, washers and bolts are not simply hardware objects, loads of a semantic content that comes from using them, but they possess an intrinsic force in the design and shape that turns them into beauty and possibility: that’s why I use them naked, without contamination and without roof or combinations of other objects, when I create my bijoux moteurs.



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I am looking for beauty, softness, femininity and refinement using paradoxical materials  for the horizon of expectation of my audience, and yet, who wears one of my bracelets, surrounds a necklace, slips a ring  immediately realizes that the lightness, the sweetness and the movement is the goal around which orbit my architectures.
I create objects that seal a pact with those who use them, a pact of life, time and moments: so that every day everyone can find out, in the chiaroscuro of the plot worked, new perspectives.
The material then is the means by which to build, not an object end in itself but an essential component of my creative path: use it without adding another is a way to enhance and to understand its nature as an element of a building in motion; my research is directed to the discovery of the infinite possibilities of interweaving of these three elements, a sort of essential path in imaginary architecture that does not allow space to the decoration and to the tinsel..

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