May 22, 2013

Heidemarie Herb CV














She obtained in 1991 the professional qualification as goldsmith with final examination from “Gold- und Silberschmiedeinnung” (Handwerkskammer) at Munich.


Further education  at  DDI (German Diamond Institute) for precious gems


In 1992/93 she obtained the diploma of the first and second graduation for the Italian language at  the “Unversità per stranieri” Perugia.


1994-2000 she worked in two different workshops in Italy also for short

periods in Germany

2007 workshop with Lauscha and Moretti  glass in Germany.

2008 further education about colours and pigments “powder coating”

by DuPont in Italy

2010 workshop with Stefano Marchetti “surface in depth” mosaic, Le arte orafe, Florence“Hacking Ideas- A way of thinking in jew. Design”, Munich,Germany


2011 3thd international Amber Workshop, Gdansk, Poland (additional award prize)

2011 symposium METALOfonas, Palanga, Lithuania (LT)


2012 curator with L.Mariani  of the international competition “sex, drug’s & rock’n roll…..vices or lifestyle ?”Jury of the selection, Giovanni Corvaja, goldsmith Italy & Barbara Schmidt Academy for design in craft,

2012 symposium at Mizgiris’ Artists’ House  in Nida, Lithuiania

2012 project management AGC, Association contemporary jewelry, Padova, Italy


2013 Amberif, intern. Amber researcher symposium, Gdansk, Poland

2013 Weekend with jewellery, symposium with Benjamin Lignel, Rieti, Italy



2012   “filoRosso”, International  biennale of contemp. jewelry, Museum of modern Art  “Ugo Carà”, Muggia/Trieste










2010 “Archeogioielli”, Archaeological Museum of Anzio/Italy

2010 “16 gioielli per Jacopo Bassano”, Church “del’ Angelo”, Bassano del Grappa (I

2010 “filoRosso”, International biennale of contempo. jewellery,

Museo d’Arte  Moderna “Ugo Carà”, Muggia

2010 “16 Gioielli per Jacopo”, San Rocco, Padova (IT)

2010 „HoHoHo“ Galerie f. zeitg. Schmuck, Friends of Carlotta, (CH)


2011 “small treasures” online crafthaus.ning (USA)

2011 “Mediterraneo” International exhibition of cont. jewellery,

Museum of natural history, Livorno/Italy

2011 “METALOfonas” first international biennale of the art of metal,

Vilnius, Lithuanian (LT)


2012 “rings just rings”, Galerie Viola, Toulouse, France

2012 “ The Year Was 2006”, Gallery Studio 20/17, Sydney, Australia

2012 “small treasures 2” online, crafthaus.ning, USA

2012 “Ribos” (limits), Thomas Mann Festival Nida, Lihtuania

2012  Cominelli Foundation Award, Cisano di San Felice del Benaco, Italy

2012  Joya, Barcellona Spain

2012  Enjoia’t, Barcellona, Spain

2012 “bulles”, Lille, France



2013  “gioielli d’art ,the paintings of Gustav Klimt’s preciousiness”,  Rome, Italy

2013  “ FANTASTICI“ Contemporary Italian Jewellery” Putti Gallery, Riga

2013  „La Frontera“ Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico

2013  „La Frontera“ Velvet da vinci Gallery, San Francisco, USA

2013 „filorosso“ Palazzo Manzioli, Isola, Slovenia

2013 „Materialkonzepte“  applied art, Artisthouse, Saarbrücken, DE

2013  Werkschau, Gallery S. Winkler, DE


2014  “Amber in modern conceptual art jewellery” Art Gallery Putti , Riga








2011 Amberif Design Award, “story telling” international competition for the design of jewellery   with amber, Gdansk (PL)  -additional Award prize, workshop-


2011 Second Prize 150, OnOff, Padova from Dott.ssa Mirella Cisotto Nalon, with video of nomination, youtube


2012 Amberif Design Award “Njoy”, Honorary Mention





2011 Contemporary Jewellery Collection, Museum of amber, Gdansk, Poland

2012 The Malbork Castle Museum, Poland

2012 Mizgiris collection, Lituania

2013 Permanent collection cominelli foundation, Cisano, Italy, selected by Rita Marcangelo






2011 “500 Silver Jewelry Designs” Lark Books Editions, Marthe Le Van, juror Talya Baharal, Asheville, USA

2011 New Rings, 500+Designs from around the world by Promopress, Spain


2012 Humor in craft, Pittsburgh, USA

2012 Jewelbook – International Annual of Contemporary Jewel Art 12/13, Belgium

2013  Lark Jewelry & Beading gallery publication Showcase 500 Art
Necklaces, USA



2010 White

2010 Natura e Artificio


2011 Archeogioielli

2011 Gioiello in fermento

2011 Mediterraneo

2011 Amberif, “story telling” Poland

2011 “METALOFOfonas”, Vilnius, Lithuanian


2012 Amberif award, “Njoy”, Poland

2012 Cominelli Foundation Award, Italy

2012 Joya, Barcelona,  Spain






2010 Preziosa magazine, Italy

2011 VJ magazin, Italy

2011 Preziosa magazine, Italy

2011 Schmuck magazine, Germany

2011 ArtAurea (Nr.3) Applied Arts, Jewellry and Design, Germany

2012 VJ magazine, Italy

2012 Art Aurea ( Nr. 3) Applied Arts, Jewellry and Design, Germany

2012 Schmuck Magazin (Nr.2)

2013 Artaurea (Nr.1)  Applied Arts, Jewellry and Design, Germany





Memberships :

2009 Member of AGC ( Association of contemprorary  jewelry )

2010 member of Klimt02, Spain

2011 member of Crafthaus,  USA

2012 member of the Association for Goldsmith’s Art (Goldschmiedehaus)Hanau,Germany

2012 member of  BK “Berufsbundesverband f. Kunst&Gestaltung”, Germany

2013 member of  intern. Amber association, Poland

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