October 26, 2018

Franceska Kirke – Black Pearl

The Latvian artist FRANCESKA KIRKE is participating in the exhibition “THE METAMORPHOSES OF PEARLS IN CONTEMPORARY AND CONCEPTUAL JEWELLERY” with a painting


FRANCESKA KIRKE is an elegant, intellectual artist who sometimes has a discussion with the viewer through old masters’ works. Each of the Franceska Kirke paintings (5 together) in the cycle named after Vermeer’s “GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING” was created in a different period of the 20th/ 21st century; it highlights some of the current trends in society, fashion industry and international affairs of the world.

The newest of the series, BLACK PEARL (October 2018), combines a black woman’s portrait, CHANEL fashion house logo, recognizable and notable CHANEL accessory – pearl, a headset of the Vermeer portrait but on a completely different character.