March 12, 2019

3D in contemporary and conceptual jewellery

The times when the idea of 3D printed jewellery seemed like from science-fiction movies is over. Nowadays, more and more jewellery artists “print” their jewellery. This certainly does not mean that the work would remain less, on the contrary – since the 3D printer is able to create the exact up to the smallest component, a multifaceted preparatory work is required, which undermines the fact that 3D printed appearance disappears the artistic touch.
In order to create jewellery from gold, silver, bronze, copper and brass, a specially created 3D printer is used. This technology is based on a modern 3D print technology, as well as traditional metal casting, i.e. the 3D model wax is printed, a form established, the wax is burnt replacing it with 14k or 18k gold. There is also an opportunity to print gold, silver, brass, bronze jewellery using the powders prepared by these metals. Jewellery artists choose the 3D printing method to make their jewellery lighter and easier, more comfortable to wear on everyday basis, others are fascinated by the involvement of new technologies in centuries of old art.