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December 6, 2019 - February 11, 2020

From December 6,2019 until February 11, 2020
at Art gallery PUTTI

International exhibition of Contemporary and Conceptual Jewellery


I want a white morning and white evening under clear starry sky…
The starry night sky – so beautiful and unique, exuberant with bright stars. So many new beginnings. A beginning for an idea, life, a unique story, a new art piece.
The winter exhibition will feature artists’ dreams, wishes, thoughts and reflections on the interaction between a man and nature. It is a story of a small star in the vast sky, which, when seen, converts a thought into a jewel.
Everyone of us has been immersed in the winter starry sky while reaching towards one’s dream. A star – a wonderful night jewel; a diamond in the sky.
The winter starry sky with its beauty, mystery and delightful depth has served as a powerful source of inspiration for exhibition artists.
So let there be as many stars as we have dreams and unsaid wishes.

Gigi Mariani, Italy

I try to spontaneously incorporate my daily emotions into jewellery. My emotions are just as diverse as stars, like the weather, so the inspiration never gets dull and repetitive. The contrast between the geometric shape and the texture of the material allows me to create works that are unique and sculptural – the oxidized metal is a figurative material applied to the silver and gold canvas.

Liisa Hashimoto, Japan

I get my inspiration for my jewellery in nature, different seasons. I am inspired by the winter, the uniqueness of snowflakes, or the snowy forest that is full of silence, and snow that makes subtle noises when one’s leaving a footprint. I like the organic forms in nature. They are so diverse, there are no two identical shapes, just as there are no two identical stars in the sky. Most of my jewellery is made of silver, copper and brass, all jewellery is handmade.

Reka Lorincz, Hungary

Jewellery design for me means interpreting everyday feelings. It is a way of communication between my inner world and the outside. Jewellery is what makes the seemingly invisible into something tangible and visible. Through jewellery I demonstrate the various aspects of universe. They reflect my thoughts, emotions and the impulses of the surrounding environment. Through the art of jewellery I try to reflect the difference between a sensation and reality. 

Simeon Shomov, Bulgaria

Most of my work has a characteristic illustrative start. As a thought that is being born while looking at the stars, later in a sketch on a sticky note and finally, as a spring sprout awakening from the winter sleep – a real art piece at the exhibition. Designs are evolving from drawings or stories that we all have known since childhood. In the concepts and ideas about nature I like this relationship between people, nature and fairy-tale characters.
I mainly work with silver. Using the quality of this precious metal, I have created textures and patterns that are layered and soldered together to warm any human heart, creating playful symbolic stories.


„Where?” I call out in the wind and stars,

Where will the miracle be born? about exhibition “STAR LUSTER IN YOUR WINDOW” (link) about exhibition “STAR LUSTER IN YOUR WINDOW” (link) about exhibition “STAR LUSTER IN YOUR WINDOW” (link) about exhibition “STAR LUSTER IN YOUR WINDOW” (link)

Izstāde «Zvaigznes mirdzums tavā logā» galerijā «Putti»


December 6, 2019
February 11, 2020