October 30, 2020

Latvian contemporary jewellery artist – Maija Vītola – Zitmane

Maija Vītola-Zitmane is Latvian contemporary jewellery artist who received a master’s degree from the Latvian Academy of Arts in the Department of Metal Design in 2017. Her professional knowledge and practice is supplemented by various courses and master classes. The artist is interested in graphic art as well as studying iconography and working in a sculpture workshop.

The jewellery created by Maija is characterized by subtle handwork and a delicately intimate message. Maija focuses on the human inner world, where in addition to the highest basic values – love, respect and devotion – there is also willingness, desire and lust. The femininity, intimacy and sophistication contained in the works of art created by Maija Vītola-Zitmane serve as a bridge to the dialogue between the artist’s inner world and the viewer or wearer of jewellery.

The artist works with such materials as animal bones – lamb ribs, camel bone. The artist likes the plastic properties of bone. “Any shape you can imagine can be carved out of the bone. Properly chosen materials often tell you about their future development. ” The artist finds inspiration in the magic of every day, one evening after a meal with friends, a glance was drawn to the lamb ribs left on the plate – natural, laconic shapes stimulated my imagination to find new shapes and create new art objects.

“Creating jewellery is a beautiful, creative and time-consuming process – attentive work, emotions, reflection and satisfaction are a positive result. I want to pass that feeling on, thus inspiring other people. ”

Art gallery PUTTI sends best regards and are very proud of contemporary jewellery artist Maija Vītola – Zitmane (brand “Maija Vītola”) for the received prize from the Latvian Fashion and Style Awards in nomination “Best Contemporary Jewellery Designer of the Year 2019”.

Maija Vītola – Zitmane
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Instagram: maijavitola